Issue 5:2 Narrating Gender and Trauma

1. Narrating Gender and Trauma: An Introduction
Beatriz Caballero Rodríguez and Caroline Verdier

2. Forbidden Zones: The Representation of Quiet Trauma in Recent British and French World War I Novels
Anna Branach-Kallas

3. An Eloquent Silence: Silent Women in Three Novels by Patrick Modiano
France Grenaudier-Klijn

4. Gender as Trauma in Buñuel’s Un chien andalou (1929)
Beatriz Caballero Rodríguez

5. A Singular Case: Love and Trauma in Carmen Laforet’s La isla y los demonios (1952)
Caragh Wells

6. Erasure and Reinscription: Representing Trauma in Amélie Nothomb
Mark D. Lee

7. Delphine de Vigan’s Pathographies: Writing as a Response to Trauma and Illness
Caroline Verdier

8. The Ecopoetics of Reparation: Sebald, Darrieussecq, and Barthes
Enda McCaffrey

9. “Postscript”
Lucia Aiello