Listening to Trauma & Actions

The study of trauma, Judith Herman points out, has a history of “episodic amnesia.” Knowledge gained is periodically forgotten and must be persistently reclaimed. After almost 15 years of combat in the Middle East and of rising attention to a broad range of stressful events, American culture, its media, academics and clinicians have become increasingly responsive to the diverse nature and complexity of traumatic experience.

Our second Washington Conference on Trauma seeks to recover and advance an understanding of traumatic experience through interdisciplinary explorations. Our presenters include scholars and clinicians from psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, literature, history, political science, journalism, public policy, linguistics and other disciplines who will offer their multiple approaches and skill-sets in an effort to develop mutually informative insights on the nature and management of psychological trauma.

The conference will also feature interactive sessions that include conversation hours, meet the author workshops, and small group thematic discussions.

Submissions may address any of the topics listed below, or other topics which are closely related. Note the following list:

  • Witnessing and Testimony
  • Psychoanalytic treatment
  • War and war veterans
  • History
  • The Holocaust
  •  Journalists and photographers
  • Torture victims
  • Law enforcement and first responders
  • Minorities
  • Somatic therapies including:
    Feldenkrais, Alexander, Cranio-Sacral,
    Somatic Experiencing
  • Biblical Studies
  • Metaphor and the Unconscious
  • Severe developmental (childhood) trauma
  • Inter-generational transmission
  • Terrorism and terrorists
  • Film and theatre
  • Literature
  • Public Health and Public Policy
  • Refugees
  • Dissociation
  • Brain and neuroscience
  • Sexual violence
  • Genocide
  • Moral injury
  • Psychological effects of climate change
  • Meditation and Yoga


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