Volume 6 Issue 1-2 Literature and Trauma after Hiroshima: A Japanese-English Bilingual Issue

JLTS 6:1-2

Literature and Trauma after Hiroshima: Introduction – David Miller

A Postmodern Hiroshima? Trauma, History, and Poetic Language in Modern Japan – Kinya Nishi

西 欣也

Reexamining the Fear of the A-Bomb and the Imagination of Premonition: Reporting and Recollection in the Works of Tamiki Hara – Gen Nogami

原爆を恐怖すること、「予感の想像力」を再検討 する:原民喜における報告/想起の条件
野上 元

Erasure of Voice in Postwar Japan: Derrida, Caruth, Ōe – Michiko Shimokobe


A World Without Return: The Kamikaze Attacks and Shōhei Ōoka  – Shigeyuki Mori

森 茂起

Experiences of Abandonment and Repeating Faces of the Dead: Modern Japanese Society and Traumatic Memories in Keiji Nakazawa’s Barefoot Gen – Akihiro Yamamoto

見捨て体験」と死者の顔の反復:中沢啓治「はだしの ゲン」にみるトラウマ記憶の問題と現代日本社会

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